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The Congo river, bold and strong, rushes through this nation of African rain forests, diamond mines and farmlands. Despite this natural bounty, the people of Zaire live under the poorest of conditions due to political corruption and the capriciousness of the world market. Positioned on the equator, the Kivu province of Zaire is known for producing exceptionally large beans that result in a perfect brew.
Interpretation: You hold all the keys to success within—intelligence, talent, and determination—yet your goals seem to elude you right now. You are entering a period when circumstances beyond your control are holding the strings that determine the course of your days. It is a troublesome time, and it will take all you have within you to hold fast to your ideals and commitment. To resist the tide would be to break and all would be lost. All you can do for the moment is ride out the currents until they calm and you can once again chart your own course. Do not despair. If you maintain your belief in yourself during this trying time you will eventually triumph.

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