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La Reunion/Bourbon
Given the fact that no coffee is actually grown in Europe, itís ironic that some of the first names to come to mind are French, Italian, and Viennese -- all names of roasts rather than varieties. Europeans may not have grown coffee on the homefront, but they were certainly responsible for much of its propagation outside of Arabia, taking it to far off colonies where the air was warm and alluring. One of the most notable of these gypsy beans began its journey Arabia, continued on to India, from there was taken to Java, and then to France via the Netherlands. The French then nurtured it in a greenhouse, from whence came the first Arabica bean, which when transplanted to the Isle of Bourbon -- now La Reunion-- gave birth to a different variety of Arabica. While no coffee is currently grown on La Reunion , the Bourbon variety of coffee is still grown and cherished in the many countries to which it was exported.
Interpretation: Youíve journeyed far, sampling different ideas and influences, but what has been birthed from your soul today is yours alone. There comes a time, however, when after striving toward uniqueness, upon achieving it you must then release it. Now its time to send your child -- whether it be an idea, a project, love or anything else -- out into the world where it will take flight in ways you could never have imagined.

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