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United States -- Frontier: Arbuckles Flying Angel
It was the coffee that tamed the West. John Arbuckle was an enterprising businessman who forged new coffee ground—Flying in the face of nay-sayers who said it wouldn’t ever catch on, he pioneered packaging beans in 1 lb bags and the sale of pre-roasted coffee. Arbuckle’s was so popular, its wooden shipping crates could be found all over the Western frontier, its boards recycled into building materials for sheds and room additions. Wherever you went in the West, Arbuckle’s signature angel was sure to greet you.
Interpretation: This is the time to pursue your own unique vision—don’t pay any attention to those who’ll project their own self-doubt onto you by criticizing your efforts or downplaying your potential. Your ability to see things with fresh eyes will be your ticket to making things happen—approach old problems in new ways. If you fail, pick up, try something else, and keep going. You’ll need determination, chutzpah, and a strong cup of coffee, but you will make it work.

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