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Stretched peacefully along the cerulean blue waters of the Carribean Sea like a seasoned tourist in a handwoven hammock, this lush and impossibly green nation has enjoyed one of South Americaís most stable democracy for several decades. While vast oil reserves have caused the nationís fortunes to rise and fall, citizens benefit from some of the highest per capita incomes on the continent. Since the decline of the oil heyday of the eighties, coffee production has been on the increase, bringing the country back a crop first introduced in the early eighteenth century. Venezuelan coffee is fruity and delicate, its aroma rising jauntily from the brew like a parasol in a vacationerís cocktail.
Interpretation: Fortunes come and fortunes go. Luckily for you, they never subside completely, like ocean waves lapping gently onto the sands of the beach. This is not a time to be concerned with the specifics of who, what or how. Know simply that all will go well for you, and if in this perfect time you can not find happiness it is no one's fault but your own.

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