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Cafe Nation explores the history of coffee and its use as a religious and divinatory tool. Travel through time, following this dark elixer on its remarkable journey from the monastaries of Sufi mystics to Victorian parlors and beyond. Author Sandra Mizumoto Posey will teach you both traditional and contemporary techniques for coffee divination, magick, and more.

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Unable to divine your destiny from tea leaves? Then take your questions about the future to Cafe Nation, where your fortune unfolds out of the grounds and bubbles of coffees from around the world. Drawing on the powers of which "Sufi mystics knew centuries ago," writer Sandra Mizumoto Posey has crafted an experience for coffee lovers that's both educational and a lot of fun.
--Coffee Journal

"This delightfully original book is full of surprises, information and magic. It definitely takes coffee where no coffee drinker has gone before!"
--Marion Weinstein, Author of Positive Magic

"A delightful book. Well-suited for today's discerning coffee lovers, Posey's book is richly brewed with history and fun. Take this book home with you!"
--Paul Beyerl, author of The Master Book of Herbalism

"Cafe Nation combines myth, magic, and mystery in a unique recipe for folding the essence of coffee into a blend of multi-culture, multi-century, and multi-ethnic experiences that captivate both the sense of imagination and taste."
--Ted Lingle, Specialty Coffee Association of America

"Here’s a fun one for you coffee lovers, from an author who loves the drink as thou, and who tells of coffee’s magick and folklore.
--Steve McCardell, Seattle New Times
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"This tiny but potent book has history, directions for (several forms of) divination, potions, seasonal and everyday spells and recipes (for coffee drinks as well as go-alongs), poetry, quotes, descriptions of various types of coffee, gifts to give-it's fun but serious. If the reader has never done a spell, ritual or divination before, you can trust that this writer provides clear directions and a strong dose of ethics along with them. And you can learn how to make Cowgirl Coffee and, as the writer says, "conquer the world."
--Marione Thompson-Helland, The Beltane Papers
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[who is sandra mizumoto posey?]

Sandra Mizumoto Posey earned her Ph.D. in Folklore and Mythology from UCLA. She is currently an Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary General Education at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona where she serves as Interim Director of the Center for Community Service-Learning. She is also the author of Rubber Soul: Rubber Stamps and Correspondence Art and numerous articles.